Windsurfing so far


Windsurfing is my obsession. I’ve been learning to windsurf for over three decades  and I am still learning and trying to push myself. It’s my mad crazy passion, even obsession and I’ve pretty much organised my life around it. It makes me happy and if I am happy I am motivated in everything I do.</div>
<div>I first started competing at windsurfing as an amateur way back in the early 90′s at the Tiree Wave Classic and after a couple of years of top 4 results and started competing in the professional fleet while working a full time career in marketing. In 1996 I landed the first ever double cheese roll in a UK contest at the Tiree Wave Classic and decided that I needed to follow my windsurfing dreams. I gave up my job and travelled to some of the best locations in the world to push myself and get better.